Increase VirtualBox virtual disk size

Thanks to Jonathan Mifsud over at for helping me increase my virtual disk on VirtualBox. Turns out all you need is a little VBoxManage modifyhd magic. Note that you can also use diskpart on the command line in your VM if you are so inclined to expand into the new space.

Don't be a schmuck...update your Mac

So this exploit has been around for a while, and yet, no one is patching their machines according to this BBC News article ( that claims 600,000 machines are infected. Note the detection and removal instructions at F-Secure (

Do it...don't wait.

Mac OSX Lion Running Issues List

I am putting together this post to bring together all of the bugs/changes that I am coming across and the information I gather about each of them as I moved from Snow Leopard to Lion.

1. SecurID RSA Software Token
The Errror
- The app doesn't launch with an error message of "Error loading the application. Contact your administrator."
The research

Increasing Internet Explorer's default consecutive download limit

With today's high speed internet connections, you may find that the default limitation in Internet Explorer 7 and earlier of two consecutive downloads to not meet your needs. In the days of old, you could open the registry and adjust this value, but Microsoft has taken this process one step farther and simplified it.

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